10th March ,2019


Students continued to understand how foods are processed while writing their reflection about the different processes –fermentation, salting/pickling, drying, curdling etc. Students were asked to bring empty food packets in order to observe different labels on them for information about date of manufacture, expiry date, price, etc. They were made familiar with words like preservatives, additives, green dot, red dot. Students watched a video related to the concept where they observed how different food packets are marked.

Video source:


Students were shown a news clipping showing the increasing demand of organic food. After watching the video, they discussed  why organic farming is gaining popularity and wrote their understanding in their process journals.

Students learned the importance of certification and how it helps us in choosing our food items. Students discussed about different professions related to food-organic farmers, etc.

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Reading assessment: Students  read ORT books according to their level and were assessed through a rubric.Further students drew  pictures and described themselves using adjectives. Students were assessed on their spellings through a spell bee; they were divided into groups of 5 and were provided with three pronouns. They arranged the correct image to the pronoun and created meaningful sentences using them.


Students were introduced to subtraction with regrouping through the use of manipulatives.

A video showing subtraction with regrouping was shared with them to enhance their understanding.

Video source:https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-add-subtract/arith-review-subtract-within-100/v/introduction-to-regrouping-borrowing

Students wrote regrouping strategy (expanded form) in their journals. Followed by solving re grouping equations using expanded form.

A day well spent

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Students went out for a day camp to Dhauj where they experienced many activities such as zipline, obstacle race, hurdle cross, etc.Students showcased variety of attributes during their day trip for they were seen to be courageous, principled, caring, etc.

They got an opportunity to develop their social and communication skills by working in groups and meeting new people.


During their Hindi lessons, students watched a story इल्ली के जूते (illee kee joote) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmw5XuVX8ec and also watched a video on ‘तितली का जीवन चक्र’ (Titalee kaa jeevan chakra) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1S8WzwLPlM .They picked up new vocabulary from the story and were able to form simple and meaningful sentences.

Students enhanced their listening skills through the story ’चार मित्र’ (Chaar mitra) and enjoyed sequencing  of  sentences. They also revisited the grammar concept like विशेषण (visheshan) by picking up the coupons and writing visheshan (adjectives) from the poem ‘तितली और कली’ (Titalee aur kale).


Students were assessed on the flowchart that they made on “Farm to Table”. They were assessed on the use of  MS-Word tools like adding text, page colour, border, shapes and shortcut for copying and pasting of data.


Students created  independent solo routine with music of their choice. Split and core workout was undertaken while they  balanced on toes. They learnt Jazz dance form during  combination practice.



The students were assessed on their understanding of note values and each student was asked to play different beats on the congos.


Children practiced Skating focusing more on technique like:

Correct use of body positioning and body weight

Weight transfer or getting most power out of push

Beginning forward stroke showing correct use of blade

Two-foot turns from forward to backward in place — clockwise and  counterclockwise

Beginning backward one-foot glides — focus on balance

Backward stroking

Beginning one-foot spin — 2–4 revolutions, optional free leg position and entry.


Students worked on their artwork based on natural colours. They added details to their work and wrote reflection on their selected peice of artwork.

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